Researched by Sarah Burns Atkins and Vivian Marie Atkins

Heirloom quality hard cover book printed on acid free paper
Stitched for durability and lies flat when open
Five hundred and forty-two 8 1/2 inch pages, including a table of contents and complete index of names


This book begins with the story of Thomas Whittington, Sr., and his wife, Martha. Sixteen pages document their lives from the mid-1740s through Thomas's death in 1834, including the names of their ten children and records related to their activities.

There is a separate chapter for each child of Thomas and Martha, along with their descendants; many up to current times. The chapters are arranged oldest child through youngest child and contain all of the information it was possible to find about their lives, property transactions, marriages, family stories, and deaths.

Also included are 27 pages of transcriptions of actual court documents beginning in 1800 and ending in 1881. These include deeds, law suits, indentures, wills, estate inventories, guardianship records and bills of sale that substantiate this Whittington family's relationships and interactions.

A chapter about Susan Cavanaugh and Judith Brown is included because earlier researchers have made unsubstantiated assumptions about them.

A chapter about Native-American Whittingtons includes transcriptions of the actual applications of the early Whittingtons seeking acceptance into the Cherokee nation.

Interesting events that were taking place nationally and in areas where the Whittington family was living are documented in chapters entitled Life in the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, and ending with 2000.

The book ends with an ink drawing of Whittington Castle and some information about it, followed by pages where the purchaser can record additional information, including information about spouses and children.